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Is Trump a Sociopath and Braggart Dick-Wagger?
You be the Judge! Take the Trump Test right now!

Donald Trump calls himself “a salesman.” Most psychiatrists would call Trump a sociopath. And several have, in print and on camera. Most con men like Donald Trump are sociopaths. Here is a serviceable definition of a sociopath drawn from the web: “A person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.”

Now, you be the judge, gentle reader. Here’s our important American citizens’ test for today. Do any of the following traits and deleterious characteristics apply to Donald Trump? Our little probe takes but a moment of your busy day. Read it.

 20 Characteristics of a Sociopath

1.     Fun, charming and entertaining. Quite polite when meeting new people.

2.    Impressively talented, knowledgeable or skilled, or lead us to believe they are.

3.    Have profound perception; later it’s scary, they seem to read our minds like telepathy.

4.    Are easily offended and vain. They fluster and bluster when offended and lash out.

5.    Lie always. About all things – .01% of what they say might be true – such as their shoe size.

6.    They believe they are better than everyone – and hold others in contempt.

7.    Crave a good reputation. Defend their reputation with outrageous lies; see #5.

8.    Crave status and power through possessions & money.

9.    Have delusions of fame and importance.

10.  Mimic our human emotions of affection, love, concern.

11.  Have no capacity for care, concern or love. They are faking it. They imitate us.

12. Think of themselves as victims. They can cry fake tears at the drop of a hat.

13. Are sexually promiscuous and often simultaneously avoid sex with a primary partner.

14. Do anything they want to anyone.

15. Think their prey should be grateful.

16. Take pride in their scams. Run several scams simultaneously. Many women; many men.

17. Believe everyone deserves what they do to them.

18. Smear their victims when things end loudly, publicly, online and in court.

19. Sociopaths like short-term goals. They say whatever they need to say in order to get what they want at the moment. In an instant they change direction, having spotted something or anyone they momentarily perceive as a better or more exciting opportunity. That’s not just because psychopaths are shallow, but also because they’re greedy and power-hungry.

20. Sociopaths’ chief feeling is contempt for others. Meeting new people, they do a cost-benefit analysis. Are these new “marks” targets, accomplices or obstacles? Targets are used as accomplices, and then discarded as obstacles once their usefulness has expired.

Is Donald Trump a match for each antisocial, psychopathic trait outlined above? You, voter, be the judge.

The Donald as Con-Man

The con artist inherent in Trump follows all the traits observed through history for the conniving fraudster.

Frist and foremost for the crooked salesman part of the con man is: tell the possible customer or “mark” exactly what the mark wants to hear. Trump’s core voters ─ uneducated, grade-three dropout, racist, white trash males ─ have one essential requirement of the con-man. He must tell these neo-nazi losers what they are desperate to hear and that is “You are a loser yes, but it is somebody else’s fault.”

 Poor widdle you, you unemployed, alcoholic, doped-up, white-firster nincompoop, you’ve been hard-done-by. It’s the government’s fault that you dropped out of grade five and started mainlining with Ajax and Old Dutch Cleanser. After all, you just wanted to “get clean.” Never learned to read? Who needs learning? Only foreigners and faggots read. But you’re a maaaaaaan.

Brief Detour to Masculinity Mansion
The best definition of machismo that I ever heard came from a traveller I met in a Central American republic who was explaining to me the hypertrophic Latin American “macho” male response to every imagined slight against one’s maleness. Memorably he said, “When you have no car, no house, no money, no education, nothing, when all you’ve got is your penis, that cock becomes the centre of your psychological being.”

Exaggerated male responses to bruised honour and “my worth as a man,” are all explicable by this shallow braggart’s dick-wagging. Was it apparent during interviews with racist scum in the streets of Charlottesville? Yes.

Digest the true horror of the Donald Trump that American fools have put into the president’s office. Digest the Donald. Then divest him of high office. 

written by Bill Casselman 2017 and free of copyright.

You may distribute this at will.